Bar Tabac

Bar Tabac has brought a vibrant energy to the Cobble Hill neighborhood of Brooklyn. It caters to all on Smith Street, embodying on its corner site the spirit of the Tabacs in France, the small storefronts and annexes to bars, where people buy lottery tickets, chewing gum, and of course, tobacco. Bar Tabac may not actually sell tobacco, but the lively camaraderie, the classic ‘60s bar, the antiques, all conspire to transport you to a place in France, where, granted, they might not all know your name, but…give it some time. Live music six times a week, storied brunches, and the ever-satisfying Bistro Food keep everyone coming back. And always keep in mind the intimate back room, away but not apart, from the lively bar, the atrium skylight, the glow of the candles