Brunch Cocktails




Bar Tabac Bloody Mary

Basil Bloody
basil vodka

Spicy Maria
jalapeno tequila

Vegan Mary

cucumber vodka

Appetizers & Salads

add free range chicken, shrimps or tuna +$8; avocado +$4


$16.50. Add coffee & OJ +$5. We serve only cage-free organic eggs

French Toast
with fresh fruit salad and spices

Avocado Toast
sunny side or poached egg on multigrain bread with pomegranate, avocado, kale, baby arugula, dried cherries, pickled shallots, pistachios, crumbled goat cheese

Mediterranean Baked Eggs
roasted tomatoes, paprika-dusted potatoes, Niçoise olives, French feta; add merguez sausage +$3

Eggs Benedicts
Poached eggs, English muffin, hollandaise sauce, home fries & mixed greens. Choice of: Classic with country ham, Norwegian with Scottish smoked salmon +$2, Florentine with spinach

2 Eggs any Style
with home fries and mixed greens; choice of bacon, ham, sausage or merguez sausage

Omelette à la Carte
served with home fries & mixed greens. Choice of two items: tomatoes, onions, mushrooms, swiss, cheddar, ham, spinach, goat cheese, bacon; each additional item: +$2.50; egg whites +$1.50; smoked salmon or merguez sausage +$3

Side orders

Bacon $7.00 | Sausage $7.00 | Merguez $7.00 | Smoked Salmon $7.00 | Spinach $7.00 | Home Fries $7.00 |French Fries $7.00 | English Muffin $2.50

Diet Buster

Crème Brulée
caramelized vanilla custard

Chocolat Coulant

warm molten chocolate cake w/ dark chocolate sauce

Bread Pudding
served with caramel sauce & salted caramel ice-cream, pecan chocolate

Ice-Cream and Sorbet
ask you server for today’s flavor

Main Course

any substitutions +$2

Burger Bar Tabac
fries and mixed greens

Add Swiss or Cheddar Cheese | +$2.50
Add Goat or Blue Cheese | +$3.00
Add Bacon, Mushroom | +$3.00
Add Avocado | +$3.50

Salmon Burger
pico de gallo, avocado, tartar sauce, french fries, mixed greens

Niçoise Salad
seared tuna over greens, potatoes, olives, egg, tomatoes, cucumbers, anchovies

Steak & Egg
mixed greens, french fries

Steak Frites
10oz grilled shell steak, french fries, mixed greens

Add Peppercorn Sauce | +$2.00

Moules Frites Bar Tabac
steamed fresh Canadian mussels, white wine, shallots, parsley, french fries

Croque Monsieur
country bread, béchamel sauce, ham, swiss, french fries, mixed greens

Croque Madame with Fried Egg | +$2.50